Sep 2020


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Grand theme: "Agricultural Business Development Strategies in The New Normal Era"
This webinar activity was conducted to provide agricultural business strategies in this new normal era. As is well known, this new normal is affecting the agricultural business from production to marketing. This activity is expected to be a solution for businessman in agriculture and a motivation for someone who wants to be involved in the world of sustainable business.

Activity specifications:
This activity consists of 3 sessions which are described in 3 sub-themes:
1. About agricultural business development strategies in the new normal era in general (from academia or government)
2. Discusses various constraints and obstacles as well as creative ideas in the production process during a pandemic (non-governmental sources, who are already or currently experiencing it)
3. About the development of sociopreneurs in agriculture in the new normal era, where this activity discusses the development of sociopreneurs in agriculture and how to respond to their business in the new normal era.

Link webinar Soil Festival 2020: ipb.link/webinar-soilfest20

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