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Wednesday October 27, 2021
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Event Internasional

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Menjadi Tuan Rumah Event Internasional:

No. Tanggal Nama Kegiatan Tempat Sponsor/ Asosiasi
1 2015 Soil information to support sustainable agriculture and food security in Indonesia Auditorium P4W IPB Dept. ITSL, The University of Sydney (AUN)
2 2014 Regional Workshop Sea, Water, Climate and Agriculture  Hotel Salak Haritage Bogor  Exceed Germany
3 2013  Plenary Meeting Exceed 2013  Bali  Exceed Germany
4 2013 The 11th International Conference of the East and Southeast Asia Federation of Soil Science Societies IPB International Conference Center (IPB-ICC) Indonesian Society Of Soil Science (Hiti)
The East And Southeast Asia Federation Of Soil Science Societies (Esafs)
5 18-19 September 2012 Regional workshop on water, land, and Southeast Asia food sovereignty IPB International Conference Center (IPB-ICC) DITSL, Fakultas Pertanian, IPB dan Exceed Germany
6 19-21 December 2012 IPC 2012 1st International Plantation Conference “Capacity Building, Development,  and Sustainable Technology. IPB International Conference Center (IPB-ICC) Faculty of Agriculture, IPB – Faculty of Plantation and Agrotechnology - UiTM
7 21-22 February 2011 Spatial Distribution of Oil Palm in Peat Lowland Area of Sumatra IPB International Conference Center (IPB-ICC)  

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