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The 3rd International Symposium on LAPAN-IPB Satellite (LISAT) 2016
For Food Security and Environmental Monitoring 2016 (LISAT-FSEM 2016) IPB

International Convention Center, Bogor, Indonesia October 25-26th 2016 LISat (LAPAN A3) is a form of cooperative work between LAPAN (Indonesian Institute of Aeronautics and Space) and IPB (Bogor Agricultural University) in the development of satellite technology for food security and environmental monitoring. Through the cooperation, LAPAN-IPB has organized an international symposium on LAPAN-IPB satellite for Food Security and Environmental Monitoring (LISat-FSEM) in 2014 and 2015. All of the presented papers have been published on the Procedia Environmental Science.

CALL FOR ABSTRACT! This year, LISat Symposium
will be held by the major topic as below:

  1. Agriculture Crop growth and production estimation Drought and flood assessment Soil conservation Land conversion and urban developmentPrecision agriculture
  2. Marine and Fisheries Potential fishery zone (PFZ) Vulnerable shoreline Global carbon cycle Planning and managementDynamics modelling in marine systemBlue carbon assessment
  3. Forestry Forest degradation and deforestation Forest fire assessment Biodiversity conservation Mangrove management Vegetation density mapping Forest resource evaluation Forest carbon and biomass
  4. Climate Climate change and variability Disaster and risk reduction Early warning system Dynamic modelling in climate system
  5. Satellite Technology Sensor platform Micro satellites Radar detection and imaging UAV technology

DEADLINE: June 25th Register and submit your abstract online: information: