Land Physical Resources Development

Physical Land Resource Development

Head of Division : Prof. Dr. Ir. Budi Mulyanto, MSc


The division actively conducts research in soil genesis and classification, mapping techniques and land evaluation, and land characterization through its mineral and mining resources.


Developing science and technology for land development, related to:

  1. The utilization of natural produces for improving land and environmental quality;
  2. Processes in nature with their external association for land improvement; and
  3. Characterization, classification and inventory of soils and land resources, with the diversity of nature and resource uses, for land use planning


  1. Mineral and mineraloid characterization, such as zeolite, bentonite, rock phosphate, lime, and kaolin, and their technologies for improving the quality of land and environment
  2. Characterization of organic matters, their distribution on soils, evolution and their utilization
  3. Studies of natural and anthropogenic processes in soils leading to varying soil properties and soil quality
  4. Science and technology related to land quality
  5. Soil characterization and methodological development
  6. Land resource inventory and mapping and the relationship of environmental factors and soil geography and land uses
  7. Soil classification and its development for an optimum land utilization
  8. Land evaluation and its development of system and criteria for land use planning

Faculty Members:  Prof. Budi Mulyanto (Head of Division) | Dr. Iskandar | Dr. Suwardi | Prof. Widiatmaka | Dr. Darmawan | Dr. Dyah Tj. Suryaningtyas | Hermanu Widjaja, MSc | Putri Oktariani, M.Agr

Past Members: Prof. Go Ban Hong | Prof. Sarwono Hardjowigeno | Ir. Tatat S. Abdullah | Ir. Anang Yogaswara | Prof. Djunaedi A. Rachim | Dr. Astiana | Prof. Sudarsono | Dr. Otjim Wiradinata | Dr. Basuki Sumawinata | Ir. Hidayat Wiranegara | Samid Syarief, PhD